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The Harlem Renaissance Experience

The Harlem Renaissance, which occurred in the 1920's and 1930's, is commonly known as a period of intellectual and creative enlightenment. Though centered in New York City, the movement impacted urban centers throughout the United States. Marginalized novelists, poets, painters, and playwrights began creating works rooted in their own culture instead of imitating the styles of others. This historical period is significant, as “The Renaissance” as it is referred to, helped redefine expression and encouraged the heart and mind of people of color, to resist the status quo, challenge how their own stories were being told, and to create something radically different.

The Harlem Renaissance was one of primarily African American involvement and an interpersonal support system of black patrons, black owned businesses, and publications. On the periphery, however, it was supported by a host of Americans who provided various forms of assistance. Opening doors which otherwise would have remained closed to the proponents of this period.

It is within the dichotomy of past and present tense, historical reverence and cultural relevance, traditional values and radical agency that The Renaissance Education Group, Inc. is born. It is created to support the social reproduction of an educational movement. This organization is born to re-create the spirit of this movement, but this time in the area of education and community development. Partner in this work to experience “The Renaissance...."








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